Wanda Peters Joins Park Summer Staff as Interpretive Specialist


Wanda is excited to be here at Lake Sammamish State Park this summer. Wanda has made a career out of what she loves and is passionate about! She wants to help get people connected with this special place and nature. She loves working with families – children AND adults! When asked ‘why’ she described a program she had developed in Wyoming for preschoolers and their parents. She said “Parents relaxed and interacted with their children so naturally outdoors.”

Wanda achieved an undergraduate degree in Environmental Education and Natural History. She’s now working on a Masters in Environmental Studies.

She’s also passionate about inter-generational programming. “It’s time for all of us, all ages, to get together to preserve and conserve our environment including our own backyards. Nature isn’t out there, it’s all around us.”

Look for Wanda’s Junior Ranger programs all summer long on Saturdays and Sundays at the flex space in the new bathhouse on Sunset Beach. She says she has puppets to help teach about nature – won’t that be fun?