Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park was founded in 2013 by a group of concerned citizens interested in improving and advocating for Lake Sammamish State Park for the benefit of the entire community.

Read Article in Issaquah Reporter about our founding.

Here is the story of the creation of our playground.



Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park is dedicated to supporting, enhancing and promoting Lake Sammamish State Park.


Board & Staff

Board of Trustees

Debbie Berto, President

Norah Carse, Secretary

Richard Benson, Treasurer

Jane Ann Pighin

Dorothy Mann

Brian Berntsen

Kit Ledbetter

Peter Walters

Bill Way

Karen Donovan

Advisory council

Jim Berry
Connie Marsh
Kathy McCorry (Issaquah Chamber of Commerce)
Kelly Donahue (King County Parks)

John Sherwin
Jim Mackey
Ruben Nieto (Kiwanis)
Tor Bell (Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust)
Dave Kappler (Issaquah Alps Trails Club)
Elaine Davis


Jennifer Adut, Executive Director - director@flssp.org
Darpan Marwah, Operations Manager - operations@flssp.org

Lake Sammamish State Park PARTNERS

John Ernster, Cascades Foothills Area Manager
Suzanne Kagen, Cascade Foothills Area Program Specialist

Debbie Berto, President

Debbie Berto, President

Jennifer Adut, Executive Director

Jennifer Adut, Executive Director