Volunteer Spotlight - Meet Nathan Pusceddu


Projects to maintain and restore habitat at Lake Sammamish State Park are vital for preserving the ecological integrity of the greater Sammamish basin. These projects are labor-intensive and time consuming, and rely heavily on volunteer support for their success. Volunteers are the backbone of our restoration work here at the Park, and we greatly appreciate their continued efforts. Every now and then, we have standout volunteers that go “above and beyond” in their enthusiasm and effort, regarding habitat restoration. One such volunteer is Nathan Pusceddu. At 11 years old, Nathan is a resident of Issaquah, and attends 5th grade at Apollo Elementary. In his free time, Nathan enjoys playing video games, as well as playing with his cat. He also enjoys reading and practicing mixed martial arts, in which he has earned his senior white belt. Nathan has been a tireless and enthusiastic member of our volunteer team since November, 2016, and has attended all 4 AmeriCorps restoration events. He is always excited to work (no matter how mucky it might be). His favorite restoration activity has been live-staking, he says, “because it’s fun, and I get to come back in the future and see the growth, and say ‘I did that!’.” The work is never done for Nathan, as he can always find the energy to ask “what’s next?!,” and then go do it.

It’s volunteers like Nathan that help keep our restoration projects going at Lake Sammamish State Park. Thank you, Nathan. And thank you to all of our volunteers! The work you do is spectacular, and leaves a lasting, positive impact on the natural community here at Lake Samm.

Matt Webster

WSC AmeriCorps Service Member

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at Lake Sammamish State Park