Sunset Beach restoration update


Sunset Beach is in a cocoon of sorts, as it prepares for a rebirth. Currently restoration work is being done along both sides of the beach area to restore wetlands. Keep watching and the “butterfly” will emerge over the next 12 months. We asked Rich Benson, park manager, for an update and he reports: “The dirt work is done but they need to get the plants in the ground. That all hinges on Mountains to Sound’s volunteer group schedule and the opportunity for the ground to dry out a little. I don’t think they will be done with that part until sometime in May. They also have to put fences around some of the areas and they won’t be able to do that until the ground is considerably drier.”

Later in the summer, the sand on the beach will be removed and replaced with new sand that might extend up to 150 feet into the lake. And in 2017, boating and sighing docks will be added to make a more protected swim area.

Keep watching and the “butterfly” will emerge over the next 12 months!