Sunset Beach Picnic Area Renovation Awaits Legislative Funding

The Sunset Beach Picnic Area Renovation is on hold — until state legislators approve a 2017-19 capital budget. Nearly $44 billion in capital projects across the state are in limbo while legislators try to come to an agreement over a major water rights issue. While both parties agreed on the capital budget at the end of June, the second special session ended without it passing. State Parks is only one department trying to cling to its staff in hopes the budget will be passed by the year’s end, or early in January. Beyond that, project leads will have to be let go. A delayed vote will also delay the renovation of the Sunset Beach picnic area. The plan is to add a couple of new picnic shelters in the area near the bathhouse and playground, to add irrigation and new lawns.

Earlier in the 2017 Legislative Session, capital projects approved in the prior biennium but not yet finished were given carry-over approval. The means funding for the boating docks at Lake Sammamish State Park is secure, with plans for completion in 2018.

UncategorizedJohn Sherwin