Spotlight on a Volunteer DORA RAJKHOWA

When Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park was in the process of forming in 2013, Dora was invited to go to one of the very first meetings as she was  the Treasurer of the Audubon Society.  As Lake Sammamish State Park is in her neighborhood, she was thrilled to hear that a group was forming to improve this special place.  Looking back she says, "I was impressed with the group’s passion and commitment to the park and so I agreed to become one of the first board members."

Although no longer a board member, Dora is still involved as a volunteer for she "still feels connected to the organization and passionate about the mission." An accountant by profession, she generously offers her talents by managing the organization's financials and providing monthly reports to the board.

In addition to her volunteer work, Dora runs her own accounting firm and provides accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services to local small businesses.  Originally from Boston, she has lived in the Pacific Northwest for seven years. She has two daughters in elementary school and the whole family enjoys camping, birding, and traveling within the Northwest and elsewhere.