October Sunset Beach Restoration Update


State Planners report that the Sunset Beach restoration work is going well! Current scheduling is as follows – subject to change with unexpected circumstances:

  • The in-water work will be complete by early October.
  • Most of the gravel material has been placed in the water and should complete late September/early October.
  • The contractors are now working on installing the ADA ramp to allow people with disabilities to get into the water to go swimming.
  • Remaining work includes:
    • Installing a drainage system under the beach sand
    • Concrete work in front of the bathhouse with seatwalls, benches, and planting areas
    • Installing a sandbox area for kids to play
    • Possibly adding more beach sand
    • Finishing work on the mitigation plantings

We are therefore looking at substantial completion by early December and final completion early January 2017.

If there are questions, email director@flssp.org