What Was Narrow Will Be Made Wide


Some of you may have already noticed the construction project at the park’s main entrance on NW Sammamish Road. We will soon have a wider entrance to the park. The narrow roadway, troubling for buses, has been widened by the removal of the landscape barrier. Once bids are finalized, paving will occur. More groups are using the park and so increasing the convenience of those traveling by large bus has become a priority!

Other benefits to this work include:

  1. Better site line to the pedestrians using the crosswalk
  2. Improved data connections for the two welcome stations
  3. Improved data connections between the park office and the entrance
  4. Reduced wait times for vehicles entering the park and reduced traffic congestion on NW Sammamish Road during large events

Construction is expected to be complete by the end of February with landscaping complete by March.