Geocaching alive and well at Lake Sammamish State Park – Check out the Kokanee Quest!


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Here’s what some cachers had to say (FTF = first to find, TFTC = thanks for the cache, muggle = non-cacher):

Issaquah Creek at Lake Sammamish State Park

  • FTF @ 9:38 AM. Super area for a cache. Loved the boardwalk. Cache was an easy find. TFTC.
  • This has been my favorite so far in the KQ series. Never knew the boardwalk was down there. The creek is really overflowing the banks right now due to all the recent rain.
  • Fun walk along the boardwalk. Easy answers to find. What a nice day. Thanks!
  • Such a beautiful stroll today - Thank you! 4 down!
  • More great education on the Kokanee! Creek is running very high and flooding the trail.
  • Love the boardwalk! Thanks for bringing us here and telling us more about the Kokanee. And thanks for the smiley. Looking forward to coming back to do the rest!
  • Walked over to my 2nd KQ of the day from the boat ramp for some extra walking mileage. I didn't know that this boardwalk was here. There was a bald eagle surveying the area from the top of a nearby tree. Nice spot for the hide. Thanks for the series and education!
  • We really enjoyed this one. I have been to this park many times but I did not know about the boardwalk and fish restoration. Thanks for the new quest. I found learning about the Kokanee salmon much more fun than doing an earth cache even though the only live salmon we spotted were in the fish ladders at the hatchery.
  • Nice walk on a chilly day. Great information, enjoyed learning about salmon and the efforts to sustain them here.