FLSSP Elects New Board President – John Sherwin


John Sherwin joined FLSSP in its infancy to help get a website up and running and has been providing his digital expertise ever since. He later joined as a board member in October 2015 and has been diving into the park’s restoration project coordinated by our AmeriCorps serviceperson this past fall and winter. Recently John was seen digging holes for the playground big toys during the playground build. He is a “jump in with his whole body and soul person” and provides tremendous enthusiasm and expertise. We look forward to his ideas for strengthening the organization’s pursuit of its mission to support and enhance Lake Sammamish State Park.

John is an outdoor enthusiast involved in cycling, hiking, backpacking, trail running, scrambling and kayaking. He has been a volunteer leader with Sierra Club, Climate Reality Project and 350.org. During the day, John is a software engineer at Microsoft leading development for the Windows and Xbox Ambassadors Programs.

Reach out to John at president@flssp.org