FLSSP Welcomes New Sponsor Columbia Asthma & Allergy

Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic is a premier provider of allergy, asthma, and immunology services for patients of all ages.  The practice offers traditional allergy testing including skin prick, intradermal, patch, and food testing. Treatments include both traditional and innovative therapies for food, environmental and medication allergies including: allergy shots, oral immunotherapy (OIT), sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), and ultrasound-guided immunotherapy (ILIT) which allow them to desensitize patients to nearly anything.

To schedule a consult, call (888)586-6155 or visit online at columbiaallergy.com. The Columbia Asthma & Allergy team will also be at Parkadillly Kid’s concert, Fair & Fun on Sunday, July 21.

Communications Team