Kayak Academy Offers a Wide Variety of Courses

Whether you come for a beginning kayak course, kayak rolling lesson, or advanced skills training, your Kayak Academy instruction will be the most fun, exciting, and intense lessons you've ever had!

Experienced kayak instructors know that there are significant differences between the way a good kayaker paddles and the way paddling technique is typically being taught. This dichotomy is especially true in rough conditions when technique matters most.

Kayak Academy developed its own curriculum based on safety and modern techniques and became the industry leader. No other kayak school combines the ideal course locations, small class size, instructor experience, equipment resources, and practical training. The kayaking lessons are designed to maximize participant learning and success. To learn more and to see the wide variety of courses offered visit www.kayakacademy.com.

September Classes: 

Sat, Sep 08    Sea Kayaking 111

Sat, Sep 08    Sea Kayaking 101

Fri, Sep 14 SK/RK 203 Intermediate Rolling

Sat, Sep 15  SK/RK 223, Kayak Surfing

Sat, Sep 22  Sea Kayaking 101

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