The Recycled Art Project: Conservation Education through Art

Artist Gabi Phillips led last year’s Recycled Art Project, which culminated in a large tree structure made entirely of recycled materials. “Flower” additions were created by students during the school year, as well as by Parkadilly attendees. Due to its success last year, the Recycled Art Project is back again.

A sneak peek from our returning artist Gabi on this year’s Parkadilly art piece…

“It is a 3D free-standing salmon sculpture made entirely out of tin cans! The sculpture will have the shape of a salmon jumping out of water with its head, tail and fins made from the flattened tin cans cut into shape and the body made of the can lids. The head, tail and fins are left in its original color, whereas the scales have been colorfully painted by children from various schools and summer camps in Issaquah prior to the event. This makes the sculpture unique to the Issaquah community!”

We need you to help finish the art sculpture!

Parkadilly visitors will be encouraged to help attach the painted scales of the salmon to the sculpture. Additionally, information about local salmon population, conservation projects and their success will be displayed around the art piece to provide some local environmental information.

We Also Need Volunteers to Help the Artist!

The artist will need help setting up in the morning, as well as engaging with the visitors and encouraging them to participate in the assembly of the art piece while providing some background information about the construction, materials used, etc. If you’d like to help out, sign up at or email