Quest for Kokanee Geocache While You Can!

This fun and family-friendly activity – a perfect excuse for getting out in nature over the coming holidays or whenever – involves using information about kokanee and/or the watershed to gather clues to the location of “caches” at nine locations around the Lake Sammamish watershed.  At these locations you can find a little SWAG and log your success.  If you find all nine caches and send in your log to confirm completion of the Quest you will get a cool commemorative pin!

More than 100 people have completed the Quest in its entirety, with many more folks visiting some of the cache locations.  The Quest can be completed in one day, in several hours if you are really efficient.  Once the Quest is over on January 31, 2019 we will have to free up the cache locations to others who might want them, so once it’s over it’s really over!

You can find out more about Kokanee Quest, and get to work gathering the clues to find the cache locations, at this webpage:

If you have questions about Kokanee Quest you can send them to Abby Wolfe, master Kokanee Quest organizer, at the addresses on the cc line on this email.

Many kokanee thanks to USFWS, Washington State Parks, King County, and the watershed cities for providing the resources to run the Kokanee Quest project, and to Abby, Dan Spencer, Kelly Donahue, and staff from the cities and KWG member entities for pitching in to develop and sustain it.

 Please enjoy and spread the word!


Communications Team