Volunteer Spotlight: Janet Wall

Janet Wall, a charter member of FLSSP, is a huge asset as a volunteer as her background in marine fisheries biology and her expertise in native plants enables her to facilitate and lead ongoing habitat restoration in the park.

Janet came to Seattle in 1969 to get a MS in fisheries at the University of Washington. She immediately fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and has been here ever since. Working primarily in the National Marine Fisheries Service, Janet spent most of her time in the Fisheries Observer Program which placed fishery monitors on foreign and domestic fishing vessels in the Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska, and off the Washington-Oregon-California coast.  

In 2000 she became a Native Plant Steward with the Washington Native Plant Society after completing a 10-week course and 100 volunteer hours of habitat restoration.  

Since then, in addition to volunteering countless hours for FLSSP, Janet has volunteered with Mountains to Sound, the King Conservation District, the King County Plant Salvage Program, the King County Noxious Weed Control Program, Bellevue Botanical Garden and serves on Issaquah’s Parks Department and River and Streams Advisory Board.

Janet served on the Lake Sammamish State Park Master Plan task force more than a dozen years ago and has never lost interest in the park. Currently she leads teams of volunteers in habitat restoration and often weighs in on environmental concerns in the park.

Communications Team